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As the #1 importer of frozen shrimp in North America, leverage our expertise, global reach, and partnerships to keep you one step ahead of your customers' changing needs.

Pasteurized Crab Meat

As the #1 importer of Pasteurized Crab Meat in North America, leverage our expertise and category leadership to drive your business.


A major supplier of North American lobster and overall category leader, we can help build and support your lobster business


World-class culinary and innovation teams and state of the art Global Innovation Center help deliver market-leading products and solutions.


Direct access to North Atlantic Scallops from USA and Canada

Snow Crab

Strong sourcing partners across all fishing and production areas, and direct market intelligence to help fulfill your needs effectively


Thai Union is one of the world's largest tuna processors, striving to source from the most socially and environmentally responsible fisheries. We also source a wide variety of other finfish species.

Other Shellfish

Global scale extends to nearly all seafood categories to support your needs and create efficiency across the seafood department