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Chicken of the Sea provides you with a wealth of detail about seafood products and how to use them in your menus to drive foodservice success.

Free Continuing Education

RDNs, DTRs, CDM, CFPPs, and Certified Chefs: earn continuing education credits on demand through Chicken of the Sea’s educational site.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

SeaChange® is our corporate sustainability strategy for transforming the global seafood industry. From overfishing and climate change to ensuring safe and legal labor practices throughout the supply chain, we plan to meet our biggest challenges with immediate action.

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Chicken of the Sea Foodservice Products

Discover menu solutions and right-fit seafood products for every menu and recipe need—including classic comfort foods, ethnic trends, grab’n’go, sandwiches, salads, soups, snacks, and more. A perfect fit for a wide range of palates and plate presentations, Chicken of the Sea seafood products offer you reliable quality and convenience to keep your customers coming back.

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Grab’n’Go and Convenience Items from Chicken of the Sea

In the new world of foodservice since the pandemic, consumers are flocking to flexibility. Micromarts with open shelves. Enticing entrees for grab’n’go. Protein boxes, bento boxes, meal kits, and more. It’s all about keeping the consumer in control of the meal experience and where they eat it.

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Tuna: Your New Menu Powerhouse

Power up your menu and drive sales! Wild caught, sustainable Chicken of the Sea tuna offers a variety of healthful, economical menu solutions to captivate your customers.

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Salmon Sells

Discover versatile, wild-caught MSC Certified salmon products from the global leader in seafood sustainability.

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Why Choose Chicken of the Sea?

Our mission is to be the seafood industry’s leading agent of change, making a real and positive difference to our consumers, our stakeholders and the way the category is managed. Our talented global team champions your business with unparalleled expertise and service.

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Chicken of the Sea Infusions

Top-selling, healthy protein products for customers on the go

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Introducing Chicken of the Sea Halal and Kosher Products

A complete guide to Halal and Kosher shelf-stable seafood products

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