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Healthy, shelf-stable, and ready to use

With a focus on healthy menus, speed and convenience, Chicken of the Sea supports your operational success.


The food experience is a key driver for satisfaction in hospitals—and major selection factor for long-term care. “Consumer expectations are being set by industries outside healthcare,” according to Heather Geisler quoted in the Wall Street Journal (5/28/23). When you choose Chicken of the Sea, you benefit from brand recognition and quality you can count on.


The majority of U.S. consumers value sustainability and social responsibility, and it impacts their choices (Nielsen IQ & McKinsey & Company,2023). We support your sustainability initiatives with award-winning sustainability practices. Chicken of the Sea is rated #1 in the world on the Seafood Stewardship Index! Read more about SeaChange®, the sustainability strategy that’s transforming the global seafood industry.

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The comfort factor

Say “Yes” to comfort with America’s top two favorite fish, salmon and tuna. Have you tried our recipes for classic tuna salad, healthy salmon loaf, or salmon mac and cheese? Food continues to drive patient satisfaction, and Chicken of the Sea hits the spot.

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RDNs, DTRs, CDM, CFPPs, and Certified Chefs: earn continuing education credits on demand through Chicken of the Sea’s educational site.

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