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The Sustainability Edge

Rated #1 in the world on the Seafood Stewardship Index, wild-caught Chicken of the Sea products hold special appeal to environmentally and socially conscious consumers.

Healthy food

The star of top-rated nutritional advice like Mediterranean Diet, wholesome seafood offers high levels of protein, omega-3s, vitamin D, and other nutrients to meet your campus community’s demands for healthy food.

Food adventures

Prized by chefs around the world, tuna and salmon lend themselves to global flavors and culinary invention—perfect for pizzas, tacos, falafel, frittatas, mash-ups, salads, sandwich concepts, hand rolls, bowls, and more—not to mention classic comfort foods. Tangy Salmon Melts, Tuna Frittata, and creative pizzas are labor-friendly all-day menu favorites.

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RDNs, DTRs, CDM, CFPPs, and Certified Chefs: earn continuing education credits on demand through Chicken of the Sea’s educational site.

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