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Foodservice Recipes

Explore our extensive collections for inspiration when planning your foodservice menus.



Cajun Tuna Burgers

Add some Cajun style to your menu with this spicy, Cajun tuna burgers foodservice recipe.


Seafood Lovers Quiche

This easy-to-make quiche is filled with succulent oysters, shrimp, crab and clams — perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner.


Bagel Tuna Melt

This low-fat bagel tuna melt recipe utilizes crunchy apple and low-fat cheese for a healthy twist.


Crab Basil Spread

Tender crab and fresh herbs are key to this creamy crab basil spread foodservice recipe.


Sicilian Tuna Soup

The fresh flavors of the Mediterranean complement mild and tasty Albacore in this Sicilian Tuna Soup recipe.


Oyster Etouffee

Succulent oysters play the starring role in this deliciously warming, New Orleans-inspired dish.


Oyster Chowder

Blustery day? Warm up the crowd with a pot of this tasty chowder, brimming with succulent oysters.


Mexican Tuna Salad

The low-labor Mexican tuna salad foodservice recipe is a great way to freshen up your lunch menu.

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