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Chicken of the Sea’s new Think Big campaign aims to address changing consumer demands.

A recent survey from Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods (COSFF) and Wakefield Research found that a strong majority (71%) of retail and foodservice executives believe that the seafood industry is best-positioned to handle future supply chain disruptions and other challenges. “We According to a survey released as part of the company’s new Think Big initiative, retail and foodservice customers’ attitudes about seafood have shifted in the past year. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to limit dining options, 49% of food executives say consumers are interested in recreating the restaurant experience at home. Additionally, just shy of 75% of food executives have seen a boost in sustainably caught/raised products in the past year, while nearly all respondents (97%) said that consumers are willing to try new and innovative seafood products. “The Think Big initiative is an effort to continue directing resources to those key areas that our customers have identified as their biggest challenges and needs, including innovation, sustainability, supply chain connectivity, and market expertise,” said COSFF Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brenden Beck.

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